What is RLB?

Real Life Burlesque


I’m Tired of This Sh*T!


Real Life Burlesque’s DEBUT Show themed around the everyday frustrations of work life, home life, parenting and just plain “adulting”.....the daily moments and tasks that often go unnoticed, making you feel like crap.


Using comedy, realism, empowerment and most importantly, REAL PEOPLE, Real Life Burlesque is dedicated to proving to the world that you are strong, sexy and independent, no matter what demands the world puts on you.


Come watch, laugh and relate as you witness this sexy depiction of your daily routine.

The Creators:

The creators of Real Life Burlesque, Melanie and Stephanie, are no stranger to the stresses of raising a family, working 7 day work weeks, keeping up with the housework, all while being broke, exhausted, and trying to keep their sanity, which, lets face it, it isn't always easy.


R.L.B is the first show they are producing together. Many ideas have flooded their thoughts throughout the years on how to entertain those in the same situations, to help them laugh, relate and escape their worlds. Their dream of doing so is being accomplished as they embark on this crazy adventure.

The Talent:

No person in the show is an experienced dancer,  let alone ever having performed burlesque.


When it came to casting there was only one requirement: They had to be “real everyday people”. The scenes of the show had to be performed by those who actually live them.


They are strong, amazing individuals who, on top of their already hectic schedules, made this show a reality through hard work, dedication and the insatiable talent and PATIENCE of our wonderful choreographer.